Last Updated: 6 March 2016

Assam Assembly Election 2016 Poll Date Schedule

The Government of Assam has finally announced Assembly Election polling date schedule 2016 officially online. According to the news and survey of assembly election predictions and opinion poll, there will be two phases covering 126 constituencies in the state. The results of the election will be announced on May 19, a month later. The election exit polls for 2016 will be put up before the actual counting of votes and will be made available. Please read below to know about the phase wise election polling dates as scheduled by CEO of Assam.

The first phase of polling involves 65 constituencies whose last date for nominations of candidates is on March 18. The second phase involves 61 constituencies and nomination filing last date being March 21. The official Gazette notification will be released on March 11 and 14 for both phase respectively and will be notified through local newspapers.

Have you registered for Voter list constituency of Assam? If not, then please register as soon as possible to cast your votes for upcoming elections through the below link:

Online registration of Voter ID Card of Assam for Voter list name inclusion

Have you checked your name and status in the official list of Assam Voter ID online? Then cross check once again to ensure your name with photo availability details are available through the below link:

Assam Voter list 2016 online with Photo status check online

This time assembly election polling booths will be put across nearby constituency local areas to ensure maximum voting efficiency is maintained for each part number.

Assam Assembly Election 2016 Polling Vote Schedule Final Dates

The voting is scheduled for two phases according to sensitivity of each constituency selected in the dates mentioned below.

Polling Date: First Phase - April 4 and Second Phase - April 11

Exit Poll Results - May 11 for both phases

Actual Vote counting and Results - May 19 for both phases respectively

Please make sure you are available to cast your votes and voice your opinion to make a change in your state!

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