Last Updated: 6 December 2016

Link Voter ID to Aadhaar Card online (EPIC Seeding)

Voter ID Card owners can now link their Aadhaar Card online through official EPIC Aadhaar Seeding Portal. You can associate your card accounts by Self Seeding method, Portal Seeding method, Mobile Seeding online, SMS based Seeding or by Seeding through call center. I have explained step by step procedure through which you can link your Voter ID Card with your Aadhar Card online hassle free which is called Aadhar Card seeding to Voter ID card online.

There are various options of linking your accounts. Out of five methods listed, three are officially declared for all residents of India. Residents need to link their card to enjoy seamless benefits on various Government rules entitles to take place from 2017 year.

The Government will be enforcing various rules and strict norms to make sure necessary eligible members take the benefits from upcoming financial year and keep track of their details digitally online.

Linking your account by Self Seeding method

Self seeding is a method of combining both the accounts by a similar associated mobile number. Fo example, if you have your mobile number linked with your aadhaar card and voter ID card, then a simple SMS can make the solution clear for you.

You have to enter your EPIC ID number and your UID number on the OTP generation page. Input your mobile number and click on 'Generate OTP'. You will receive an SMS within 5 minutes of time which you need to enter to confirm your seeding with your identity details.

Linking your account by Portal Seeding method

In this space, the details provided by the applicant is demographically matched with the available data in the system. Your voter ID card and aadhaar card photos are matched on the portal and possible answers are provided to you. If you have different photos on both accounts, then it would show an error. Your fingerprints, hands and face demographics are put into a tally software where it gives a response of linking or not. This is basically called as Inorganic seeding.

Second method roughly takes 2 days of time which is called organic seeding of accounts. In this system, applicant's voter ID card and Aadhaar card details are taken and send to the respective BLO office's portal where verification of data takes place. They will automatically link your account upon successful verification.

Call center seeding method

If you are interested to make a call to the nearest seeding center, you can do so and get your details verified. A toll free number - 1950 has been established to make way for this process. All the applicants will need to furnish their voter ID card (EPIC number) details and Aadhaar number to the operator. They will check and link your account through online seeding method.

This method is again a very simple process to get through the linking phase.

Getting accounts linked with a simple SMS facility

Another very simple method is by sending an SMS and getting it done easily. Here's the syntax that you need to follow:

SEEDEPIC [space] EPIC NO. [space] AADHAAR NO. and send it to +91-8970499899

Upon successful matching of data, your accounts shall be linked automatically.     

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  1. sms as @LINKAADHAR ro 51115(airtel,vodafone.idea docomo users) to 511150(aircel users)


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