Last Updated: 4 February 2016

Alwar Voter List 2016 Search Name with Photo PDF online Download

CEO of Rajasthan has declared the latest Alwar Voter List 2016 online for all constituency registered candidates. You can check your details or search for your status with photo update and download the PDF copy of official voters list notification. The Municipal Corporation and Panchayat Samiti Supplementary list has been prepared for this quarter with new revision. You can also register your name through online application form and track status of it or use voter list forms available for various purposes.

The following assembly constituencies are revised in new electoral roll voter list prepared for Alwar district this quarter: Bansur, Behror, Kathumar, Kishangarh, Kotkasim, Laxmangarh, Mandawar, Neemrana, Rani, Rajgarh, Ramgarh, Thanagazi, Tijara and Umrain.

There are two ways through which you can look into your status details - one by name wise search and other by checking in PDF E-Rolls online. You can also view your name inclusion through EPIC number (voter id card number) if made available to you.

How to view your status Name wise in Alwar Voter List 2016 online

This option serves best to look out for your status details as an individual and also for your members in the same house. It displays the number of people registered in the same address with the name search option. You need to provide your full name, father's name / husband's name along with your age. There is also an option to select Alwar as district name and then opt for your Panchayat samiti where you belong.

After you select search, it will display your name details along with your family member details on the same residence address recorded in CEO portal. You shall get to know your part numbers, voter id number, serial number and polling station booth details.

You can also check if you already have your EPIC card number with you. This will enable you to see whether details recorded in Electoral roll is correct as per your details registered. You can check your name, address and other details if needed and also correct it if necessary.

How to check your details Assembly constituency wise in PDF E-Rolls online

This method is most suitable when you want to look for your status details with photo availability update. All newly registered candidates are advised to check the PDF Rolls and download a copy as a proof of name inclusion in official voter list. You need to select Alwar from district list and then select your AC. It shall now show a list of part number in that particular AC.

Select your area part number and open the file to view the records and details of your name. Photos of all candidates are not shown as a part of security measure. Therefore availability status will be enough to judge your profile correctness in voter records of Rajasthan.

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