Last Updated: 4 February 2016

Chandigarh Voter List 2016 Check Name with Photo PDF online

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) has announced the latest Chandigarh Voter List 2016 which is now updated online. You can now check / search your name with photo details and download the PDF copy of voters through official list. The Election Commission voters list will contain full details of electoral roll updates as of January 2016. The administration will also include details of Panchayat voters and their voter roll inclusions.

As of now, there are three legible methods to check your details and status online. You can know your status through name wise check, search by polling station details or knowing your name inclusion through final draft electoral roll this year.

All eligible EPIC ID card owners are requested to seed their Aadhar card to Voter ID card online as quickly as possible to remove duplicate names in voters list.

How to check your status Name wise in Voter list constituency

Here you need to enter your full name exactly as it is which you entered during your registration process. Select your sector or area through dropdown list and hit submit. A status message will be shown in the next window which will display your details like name, address details submitted, photo availability or not and polling booth details.

Alternatively you can also check by inputting your EPIC details. You EPIC number is mandatory to check your status directly would be needed. This would show any error if any encountered during registration process.

How to check details with photo and PDF list area wise online

If you want to the status details of a group of voters within a particular polling booth / area, it would be better to search through draft electoral rolls. Here you need to select your assembly constituency and a list of polling stations will be displayed.

Choose your respective one and download the PDF copy of newly registered voters online. In the list, you can see your photo as a part of submission profile active as a voter in the particular polling booth.

Chandigarh Voter List portal

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