Last Updated: 10 February 2016

Pondicherry Voter List 2016 Check Name with Photo update online

The new Pondicherry Voter List 2016 has been updated by CEO, Pondicherry. The Pondicherry (Puducherry) election department Voters list 2016 with photo update has been announced on the official website. The municipal election commission department voter list is updated by Government of India. You can search your name in electoral roll voter list with your electoral identity number or search by constituency rolls. You can check the Voters list online with PDF details and download the link given on CEO website.

Here are some of the stats as announced by Electoral office website:

Total candidates added on electoral list: 12,185

You can check the official website and search your details with photo update by check your name input or else input your constituency and address.

How to check your name status and details in Pondicherry Voter List 2016

You can check / search your name with photo details as per the new update of candidate name inclusion as of February 2016. To search your name online, you need to input your full name in the official voter list checking portal and also give your basic details like birth date and relationship name if any. Optionally you can also find your details through EPIC card number. Here just input your voter id card number (EPIC ID details) and hit search to know your details instantly.

If you want to know the status for a group of people within the same assembly constituency, then go for draft electoral roll PDF lists. Here select your own AC and a tentative list of part wise and area wise polling station booth details comes up. Here select your own group from where you cast your votes from in your own part wise area.

Then hit search to see whether details shown are correct according to the registration details or not. The best method would be to search through EPIC ID wise as name entered in voter list might sometimes be incorrect due to mistakes in registration details from the authorities.

Pondicherry Voter List online portal

If you have any problems viewing your details, kindly post your queries in form of comments below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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