Last Updated: 3 February 2016

Bhopal Voter List 2016 Ward Wise with Photo Nagar Nigam update

CEO of Madhya Pradesh (MP) released Bhopal Voter List 2016 with Photo for the following constituencies - Bhopal Uttar, Narela, Berasia, Bhopal Dakshin Paschim, Bhopal Madhya, Govindpura and Huzur. You can check or search your name online for voters list of MP and Bhopal city with photo which you can download as PDF document for respective AC. The nagar nigam released the latest update in 2016 ward wise which can be checked for all information registered online.

There are two methods through which you can check your details through official online portal. The most favourable method is by checking through your name and personal details. You need to fill your full name as per registration form, your father / mother details and age as optional. Search to see whether data has been recorded in national search or not.

You can also check your details through EPIC ID number which you can enter for searching your data through one click. The PDF voter list for respective assembly constituencies are updated every 3-4 months which will include all newly added candidates. For your convenience Panchayat lists have been updated with the regular list online.

Kindly check the official list here: Madhya Pradesh (MP) Voter List 2016 Full List of Voters online

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