Last Updated: 4 February 2016

Voter ID Card Forms for Registration, Name / Address Change, Duplicate download online

The revision of Electoral roll - Voters List 2016 for all states have started. Enrollment of Voter ID card online is done by downloading Voter ID card forms available in Hindi or in regional languages as well. The submission of forms will be accepted at local BLO / ERO offices or through online mode as well. Registration is made officially true when you submit the specific application form of registration through concerned authorities. Here we have provided the official CEO Voter ID card form for address change or name change or duplicate reissue card online. Kindly download the Voter ID card registration form as well if you are new to apply for the same in 2016.

The Chief Electoral Officer of each state and city is responsible for maintaining an updated voters list by publishing the list of added names in a particular revision period. There are few forms available online which can be downloaded from official ECI website, or you can download it from here as per the needs and criteria.

Complete List of Application Forms for Voter List Inclusions 2016

In order to exercise any authority, forms are duly filled and signed by the applicant. These are brought to the concerned authority head which controls the data of each applicant and ensures he has a smooth process in changing / modifying or registering his name.

There are 8 forms in total for different issues relating to Voter ID card registration / modification or any work related to it.

  1. FORM 6:  If you are a new applicant and wish to register your name in the next revision scheduled, then fill this form and submit it with the required proof of documents. 
         You can download this form directly from here - Form 6 for Registration

         Form 6 is also useful for changing your Assembly Constituency if you have shifted your residence
         recently and possess Voter ID card of the old constituency. If you want to change your state from
         where you recently shifted, the same form can be used. Kindly mention the details accurately while
        filling the form online.

    2.  FORM 6A:  Form for fresh applicants who are residing overseas as an Indian citizen and holds a valid
       constituency name mentioned in their passport. 

       You can download the form directly - Form 6A for Overseas Voters online

   3.  FORM 7:  Already registered applicants who enrolled online earlier can object their concerns regarding
        inclusion of their name in voter list, or any other concerns. The same form can be used for deletion of
        individual's name from voter list.

       You can download the form directly - Form 7 for Name Removal / Objections in Voter List

  4.  FORM 8:  Already registered candidates who seek for corrections of their names, address, date of birth
      can fill the form online. It is related to corrections done in a Voter ID Card after enrollment has been

   You can download the form from here- Form 8 for Name Change / Address corrections in Voter ID Card

  5.  FORM 8A:  For change of address within the same Assembly Constituency due to change of residence.
      Please refrain from filling Form 8 as you are the part of same constituency even after change of address.

  You can download the form online from here - Form 8A for Change of Address in Voter ID Card

 6.  FORM 002:  If you have lost your Voter ID Card, misplaced or received in torn condition, then you can
      order for a duplicate Voter ID Card online by filling a form.

These are the total six important forms concerned for Voter ID Card registrations and issues. If you have any queries, you can post your comments below. We will solve your issue at the earliest. 

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  1. I lost my voter ID. I have duplicate voter ID with me. Can i vote this election ? . I have aadhaar card with me.

    Please suggest me in this regard


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