16 September 2016

Gujarat Voter List 2016 Check name with Photo PDF online

The Chief Election Commission of India has announced Gujarat Voters list 2016 online for election roll revision. You can now search your name in Voter list with Photo update announced by CEO of Gujarat. The online link for voter list PDF is available for download and you can check your voter details and also know about its status online. Major cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara (Baroda), Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Surat, and Bharuch will receive the updated voter list first. The Vidhan Sabha election voter list will arrive shortly to all assembly and districts of Gujarat state. Voter list 2016 registrations are open in selected cities for name inclusion in voter list.

10 September 2016

Assam Voter List 2016 Search Name with Photo PDF update

The latest Assam Voters List 2016 has been updated by Chief Electoral Officer, Assam state. You can now check / search your name online by district or name wise to know the status of your voter list. You can also download the PDF copy of updated Assam Voter list 2015-16 to be released by January 2016. The electoral roll revision and latest election assembly voter list shall contain details of the applicants and their status of application. You can register for the voter list online if you haven't done so from your assembly constituency yet. Voter list data is available from 1951 year to 1971 and from 1980 to 2014-15.

West Bengal Voter List 2016 Check Name with Photo online

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) has declared the official West Bengal Voter List 2016 online with full details. Search / Check your name in Voters list PDF based on District wise search or Assembly Constituency and EPIC wise search. You can download the Voter list 2016 officially online with image on Election Commission of West Bengal search directory. The election voter list 2016-2017 will be updated by Electoral officer from time to time based on number of registrations received in 2016-17 period. The voter list data from 1960-1971 (Before 1971) and from 1991 to 2014-15 is available.

Rajasthan Voter List 2016 Check name with Photo online

The CEO of Rajasthan has published the updated Rajasthan Voter List 2016 with Photo as available online. You can search by name wise in voter list and also check your name inclusion in PDF election voter list. Candidates can download the PDF voter list 2015-2016 online from CEO portal of Rajasthan. You can check District wise, Assembly constituency wise voter list in English and Rajasthani language. The Government Vidhan Sabha voter list cast wise and Panchayat election voter list has also been declared for each district online. The Municipal Nagar Palika will look into updating the voter list time to time.

Uttar Pradesh (UP) Voter List 2016 Search Name with Photo online

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Uttar Pradesh has announced the latest UP Voter List 2016 online. You can check / search your name with photo online and download the PDF copy of new Uttar Pradesh Voters list 2015-2016 from the electoral committee in Hindi as well. The inclusion of names in official list are categorized as assembly constituency wise and district wise. You can also register for latest UP voters list scheduled for revision this year by applying online through registration form. It is also important to check your application status of Voter ID for its official inclusion in the Government voter's list. Gram Panchayat voter list details are also available online.

Tamil Nadu Voter List 2016 Check Name with Photo online

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the state has declared Tamil Nadu Voters List 2016 online. Check your name details with photo status and download the PDF copy of official voters list through CEO portal. You can start registering online for new revision of Tamil Nadu Voter list 2016 scheduled to release next month. You can search for your electoral rolls, view application forms online and track your application status if you have already submitted it through E-Registration mode. There is an official document PDF inclusion which quotes Summary revision schedule 2016-2017 declaring important deadlines and dates which the CEO office shall follow during revision schedule.

9 September 2016

Bihar Voter List 2016 Search Name with Photo online

The CEO of Bihar state has declared the official Bihar Voter List 2016 online latest with Photo update. Candidates can check / search their name online in the PDF electoral rolls or check their status with SMS facility updated latest in Voters list. You can download the list or else search your name through E-Rolls in Electoral roll revision update. The assembly election voter list 2016-17 of Bihar can be searched via PDF list or through name wise search and district wise. You can also apply online for registration of Voter list - Voter ID card if you haven't done so yet this year.

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